HPP advantages – explains profits

HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology is increasingly available to manufacturers who value healthy food. It can optimize the chain supply and reduce waste and returns. Find out what the HPP advantages are for you…

HPP advantages


  • Higher food quality. The characteristics of the fresh product are preserved, sensory and nutritional properties remain almost intact. 
  • Greater food safety during transport and export. Destroys pathogens (Listeria, Salmonella, Vibrio, Norovirus, etc.)
  • Lower returns, higher customer satisfaction. Prolongs the shelf life of the product. 
  • Higher quality at the shelf life. Drastically reduces the overall microbiological flora responsible for spoilage.
  • Pure label (Natural product/no preservatives). Excludes or reduces the need for food preservatives. 
  • New innovative food products. Products that cannot be heat treated can now be processed under high pressure. Innovation is a competitive advantage.
  • Higher yield, fresh taste, minimized manual work. It can shell molluscs or extract crustacean meat without cooking. 
  • The process is very environmentally friendly. HPP advantages is that process needs only water (which is processed in closed loop) and electricity. 

HPP  process has many more advantages. Using this method allows you to be a leader in innovation and ensure safety for your product and consumers. Current trends in healthy food are heading in this direction.